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We had a cat when I was in high school, a grey and white "mutt" named Mupsy. She was an indoor/outdoor cat who was friendly inside, but hard to catch outdoors.

I remember once when I was in high school and home sick with stomach flu. My mother had gone outside to work in the yard. When she came back inside, she was dripping wet from head to toe. Here's the story as it was relayed to me.

Mom decided she was going to water the garden. Mupsy sat on the hillside, under a bush, and watched Mom fill up the watering can at the outdoor faucet. Mom then proceeded to head down the hill to the garden. All of a sudden, at exactly the right moment, Muspy darted out from under the bush and ran directly between my Mom's legs tripping her. Mom rolled down the hill -- water splashing everywhere from the can. When she reached the bottom and got up, she turned and there was Mupsy a few feet away. She was just sitting there preening, licking her paw. She looked at my mother as if to say, "What?? Who me?? Why are you so wet??" Mom still swears that cat was smiling.

Needless to say, when Mom relayed the story to me I nearly died from laughing because my stomach hurt so much.

It was the first of many "tripping" attempts -- and certainly the most successful -- we simply tried to be prepared after that!!
Susan & Neal's See Kitty Stories I


A few days ago I was in bed and dreaming that for some reason I was being searched. The individual was being none to gentle about poking me in the ribs and abdomen. As this continued I woke to find that my son's cat Jimmy was attempting to burrow his way between the quilt and blanket and the digging motions were rather sharply poking me. Needless to say, Jimmy was unceremoniously ejected from his position.
Fletcher Glenn

Fur Stole

I Dreamed once that I'd been given a fur stole, and I hate fur anywhere other than the original owner. I felt pretty disgusted with myself for wearing a fur coat, when all of a sudden it sneezed in my face. Turned out to be my son, Michael's, first cat, Guido. He had a penchant for becoming part of our sleeping world and would wake my SO up for work if he'd set the alarm for music. Wouldn't bother him if Rob had set the alarm on buzzer, but music just got him going sometimes. Rob swears that he could feel Guido's whiskers clear up to his eyeball, as Guido loved to stick his whiskers up Rob's nose as the climax of his wakeup routine.

Any other cats interested in making sure their owners weren't late for school or work?

Enzo and Chewie

Enzo and Chewie (or "The Boys") have always been our little fuzzy alarm clocks. It started when we first got them, and we decided that treats would be given out when we got up for work. Unfortunately, we get up for work at 6:30 am. So, weekdays and even weekend days are started at 6:30 am in our house. Here is the play by play of their wake up routine:

The wake up mission starts at 6:15 am. The boys start by nuzzling gently, burrowing into our armpits. They gently lick our faces, and groom our hair. But this only makes the humans happy, it doesn't get them out of bed. Time for the boys to use some more evil tactics. Chewie goes to the bedroom door and stands there meowing, Enzo goes to the nightstand and plays with Daddy's pocket change. The humans are starting to move now, but they aren't moving out of the bed. Time to be a little more loud. Chewie gets up on his hind legs and pushes the door into the wall, making a loud banging noise. He repeats and repeats (I swear he does this every morning, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't have to listen to it :-). Enzo moves to the window and plays with the blinds, a nice loud clanging noise is produced. The humans are still in bed, but their eyes are open. They don't look too happy. Mommy's hair looks funny.

Then, the alarm clock goes off, it is 6:30 am! The boys know that the humans like to push a little button that turns the alarm off and then go back to sleep. They can't let this happen! The final method is employed. Chewie goes into the litter box just a few feet away from the bedroom. He starts digging, and digging, and digging. A loud and annoying scratching noise is produced. Enzo gets up on the bed and starts attacking the toes under the blankets. This is the final straw. The humans have had enough! We get out of bed and give them their treats. They purr and look so sweet we can't be angry with them. They get into our bed and fall asleep, we stand there looking dopey and wondering how it is we let this happen every single day.

Submitted by Becky
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