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My baby, Kowboy, is a nosie Kitten. He is 5 1\2 weeks old. One day he was walking around out side and he saw a bird....

He was VERY curious,so he climbed the tree....then...i herd a meow out side and he had the bird on the branch and he was stuck!!!! So now i call him jungle boy!!!

Submitted by Erica, on Monday, June 26, 2000
(and with love from Kowboy)

The Empress My Thai Wackett

Recently, my husband and I moved back "home" into my Dad's house which my twin sister and I have inherited. My twin sister has 3 large dogs, a german shepard/huskie mix/ a black lab/australian shepard mix and an american pitt bull terrier. We also have a black lab. That makes 4 dogs and my torti point himalayan. Well everyone asks, don't the dogs chase the cat? My answer is always, "In order for a dog to chase a cat, the cat has to run. "The Empress My Thai Wackett" (after her older siblings also last name Wackett) doesn't run. She stares down all 4 dogs so they won't even look at her. It is hysterical. She is 10 years old and barely 8 lbs. and she runs the household."

And I was worried she would be unhappy??

Thanks and your site is beautiful.

Submitted by Karen, Sunday, July 23, 2000

Muffin, the giant black wombat cat

My parents cat, Muffin, the giant black wombat cat (formerly a female cat with a different owner but 'became' a male!) and unfortunately the name stuck. Anyway, one day after work my Dad opened his wardrobe and threw his bag in and then went about his business, an hour or so later he needed to get a jacket which was under the bag in the wardrobe, he opened the door and lifted the bag and out jumped a furious Muffin who had been laying in wait for his revenge...he got it!!!!

Submitted by Mz. Kitty, Saturday, July 29, 2000

Muffin, the giant black wombat cat

Another 'Muffin and Dad' story... (they) were sitting in their favorite chair, Dad on the seat, Muffin above his head, watching tv...when Muffin decided to play a game...putting his tail across my dads eyes...dad didn't know what to do so he just pushed it away, it happened again, and again, then Dad starting telling Muffin what an idiot he is so Muffin put his tail across dads mouth so he couldn't speak!!! Dad got sick of the game sooner than Muffin did!!!

Submitted by Mz. Kitty, Saturday, July 29, 2000


My Himalayan kitten, Lily, loves to chase after anything that moves. One evening, I saw her roamin around the house chasing after a moth. She followed the moth all the way upstairs, into the bathroom. The moth flew above the bath tub (full of water) Lily started swiping at it. Soon, she realized this wasn't going to work and jumped right into the tub! My poor soaking wet kitten howled, and I got her out. Took her hours to get completely dry. Now she stays clear of the bath tub!

Submitted by Emily, Friday, August 18, 2000

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