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Truck Riding Kitty

After our in-laws passed away we became caretakers of "Bear" a big black cat of unknown breed with a stubby tail. He patrols our small farm and often sleeps in the barn loft. He often sleeps in unusual places such as on the back of our pickup truck on a hay bale. One early morning I decided to go to the grocery store shopping center a short distance away. I jumped in the truck and set off. After purchasing my groceries and returning to the truck I placed the bag in the back bed of the truck. Out jumped "Bear" and I caught him with a lucky arm lock. With a scared,big black cat in one arm I successfully opened my truck door and got him inside and back home. I shudder to think what would have happened to him had he awakened on his trip to the grocery store or worse if I had not been lucky enough to catch him as he jumped out. When we know he is walking around the farm and coming up for a pet all is right with our world.

Submitted by Elaine, on Monday, June 05, 2000

I Don't Wanna Grow Up...

Meet Melody Jane, aka Stinky or the Great White Hunter. Found Melly Jane at the local shelter trying to escape from those awful cages. She's a beautiful white, domestic long hair with a gray and orange tail which grows fluffier by the day. She's so white that I can spot her from anywhere at anytime. Despite that fact, she revels in her knowledge that she is the ultimate hunter and is completely invisible behind even a blade of grass. To this day, I can't think of anything she's ever caught - not even a grasshopper. Her name, Melody, came from her uncanny ability to sing. She has this rolling meow that goes on forever and she loves to sing to you. She's never grown out of her kitten nursing habits and every morning wakes me up nursing on my neck - she was 2 years old earlier this year. She's the most loving kitty I've ever known. She has a blanket - her "mackie" - that she loves to nurse on which is a full size, heavy acrylic number. Whenever Melody is around, no one else can use this blanket which is usually folded and stored right beside our couch for easy access. One night a couple of winters ago when the major ice storm hit Virginia and power outages were rampant, I caught Melly Jane. She had dragged this blanket out of its storage location and into the living room floor. She was still working on exactly where she wanted it. It was hilarious to see this tiny kitten pulling with all her might, like a puppy tugging on a shoestring, this humongous blanket. Her feet were actually leaving the floor. Once she got it where she wanted it, she curled up and proceeded to nurse like mad finally falling into a deep kitten sleep. It was a beautiful moment - my heart still smiles thinking of her.

Submitted by Julie on Wednesday, June 07, 2000

The story of Yin.

This kitty was perhaps not as silly as he seemed. As a kitten, he and his littermate were kept on an enclosed porch in Illinois. They were plagued from time to time with strays wandering by, insulting them (apparently) and "marking" the porch.

Yin, a completely black cat, escaped out of the improperly-closed screen door one evening. As we searched the neighborhood, we were repeatedly drawn to what sounded like an imminent catfight. Loud caterwauling erupted near us, and we would make our way to the area, but as we went, the sound would trail off and then disappear.

Finally, we reached one of the scenes. Normally, in a catfight, the two cats each maek as much noise as possible as an intimidation tactic. Then the actual fighting begins.

What we witnessed was one cat screeching and puffing up his fur, looking for all the world as though he was ready to fight. Advancing on him slowly, firmly, and absolutely silently, was Yin.

As our black shadow cat approached the other, his caterwauling trailed away; he stared at this silent cat coming on, then turned tail and ran. Yin took off after him.

We gave up our hope of bringin him home. In the morning, Yin appeared, with a few small scratches; the other cats all gave our house a wide berth after that night.

Submitted by PJ on Friday, June 23, 2000


My baby, Kowboy, is a nosie Kitten. He is 5 1\2 weeks old. One day he was walking around out side and he saw a bird....

He was VERY curious,so he climbed the tree....then...i herd a meow out side and he had the bird on the branch and he was stuck!!!! So now i call him jungle boy!!!

Submitted by Erica on Monday, June 26, 2000
(and with love from Kowboy)

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