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Silly Kitty Stories

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Frosty Kitty

see Richard try to sleep at nite..
see frosty kitty zoom around the room at a hundred million miles and hour...
bad kitty bad!!!!
see Richard grumbling trying to catch frosty kitty,the speedy cat..
see frosty kitty laugh at Richards futile efforts trying to catch frosty kitty!!!!!
see Richard exhausted from trying to catch frosty kitty..
very baaad kitty...
sleep Richard sleep!!!!!!!

Submitted by Richard, on Thursday, September 21, 2000

Frosty Kitty

see Richard give frosty kitty a big hug before he goes to work,
see Richard forget to feed frosty kitty before he goes to work...
bad bad Richard!!!!!!!!!!
see frosty kitty very upset with Richard tearing Richards house up!!!!!
see Richard remember at work that he forget to feed frosty kitty.
oh oh oh....
see Richard say that he will make it up to frosty kitty when he gets home..
good luck Richard
hmmmmmm says Richard, i wonder how upset frosty kitty is????
see frosty kitty very hungry and extremely hissed off!!!!!!!!!
angry angry kitty!!!!
see Richard turn the doorknob and open the door to his house...
see Richard see frosty kitty...
see frosty kitty with a knife and fork in her paws and a glazed look in her eyes!!!!!!
run Richard run!!!!!!

Submitted by Richard, on Thursday, September 21, 2000

Bon Jovi

This is about my sister's siamese Bon Jovi or Bon for short. He never spoke unless he was trying to get your attention. One day while walking up the driveway he started calling me so I called him, we kept doing this until I heard a loud splash and loud meow. He'd fallen into the creek in the middle of the driveway. After retrieving him I asked if he was alright. His response was to shake out each leg one by one and give me dirty looks. He refused to have anything to do with me for three days. I think he felt that it was my fault.

Another time I opened the front door to let him in the house. He had to come past our four dogs. The dogs knew that if we were there they couldn't touch the cats. Bon also knew this and stopped half way up the path and looked at my border collie Marco. He was laying on his stomach. Bon looked at me, looked at marco, who also looked at me, I told him no. Bon looked at me when I told marco no, and then proceeded to walk over and yowl in Marcos' face. Marco looked at me, was told no, looked back at Bon who proceeded to do it again getting closer. This went on for a couple of minutes until Bon got tired of not getting a response and proceeded to swipe Marco across the nose and bolted for the door with the dog in hot pursuit. He made it and strutted about the house for the rest of the day.

Submitted by Kelly Broadbent, on Wednesday, December 06, 2000

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