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My cat's name is Cajun. It's kind of a funny story because I wanted a female and thought I was getting a female. We named her Angel. And upon the first vet check well my wonderful vet says "I think you might want to name this kitty Angelo. It's a boy". Funny huh. Well he was the perfect kitten so we couldn't part with him and named him Cajun. It's a name well suited for him since he's a Flame Point and Cajun is Hot. It's fun sharing this story and hope you do enjoy.

I quess if you do not have a Cajun you could always spell it Kajun. But my other suggestion was Karma. And you can probably just fiqure that is one of our other pet names. Yep, a beautiful show prospect Bernese MT. Dog just a puppy and full of fun. Would love to hear from you sometime because I love beautiful animals. And would someday love another gorgeous Flame Point.

Good luck with all your cats and future kittens and enjoy the holidays. I just know you'll be sharing many heart felt moments this Christmas with others.
Loving Caring and Sharing

My parents have a very spoiled cat.
Her name is Koshka (there's a K name for you, it is the female form of the Russian word for cat. The male form is Kot, both pronounced with a long o.) She is 1/2 Himalayan, her momma went wandering before her owner got her spayed. She is a beautiful long haired gray tabby. I got her for my dad for his birthday. A year later, on his birthday, she gave him 5 little presents. My mom attended the delivery and fed her ice chips. Since my brother and I have left the house, my mom spoils the kitties especially this one. The cats get bottled water and she'll give Koshka hers in a glass on the kitchen table. Koshka seems to think any water in a glass is hers. One day my mom had her drink sitting on the floor next to her chair. It was in a fairly tall plastic mug and there wasn't much left. Well, Koshka stuck her head in to get to the water way at the bottom and then was stuck! Fortunately my parents were there to help her out. Since then Koshka is more careful. Now she'll reach in with her paw to check the water level first!

On days when it was not so humid, my Persian cat whined until I let her out. She usually sits on the porch. But one day she decided to venture out some after I had left her for 15 minutes. I called out to her: Lady. Kitty. Lady. I could hear a faint cry. I walked toward the long grass and trees, frightened something had bitten her. I could hear her cry louder as I neared a tall wooden fence. MEOW! I climbed the fence, and there was Lady hunched over and scared. But when I stuck my hand through the locked fence to show her the way, she stood up straight and walked straight past me to the door, as if nothing happened. She doesn't leave the porch any longer though.

Hi my name is Emma. My mother has a kitten called Mishka, sadly she is deaf and blind. Anyway she was walking towards me and because she is deaf and blind she is very skittish so as she came up to me I put my hand out to pet her, the shadow of my hand must of frightened her and she ran away and ran straight into my leg.

I guess it`s a funny story. Well it all started one day when my cat Puss In Boots went in heat and ran out side. Well we couldn`t find her for four days. So on the fourth my dad took me to the vets to get a new kitten. I found the cutest little mitted rag doll kitten, but about a hour after we brought him home Puss In Boots came back home! Now we have five cats, and Kittens on the way. If your interested in a mitted Rag Doll and white Angora kittens please contact us.
Thank you.

My kitten loves to chase a laser pointer that we have. My family nicknamed it "the stringless leash," because she always follows it. One day, when I was playing around with the pointer on the ceiling, I noticed my cat 'chirping' at it!

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