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Visiting Kitty

see kitty
see kitty go to Colorado
see kitty make friends
with a nice state trooper
at a stop along the way
but that is another story entirely
see kitty get to stay at Shirley's house
see kitty find
someone elses water dish
and food bowl
and litter pan
all while being
chased by a very distressed Khardoman
(where do women get these silly cat names?)
they look exactly alike
except that kitty has
a little white 'diaper'
you'd think they'd get along
a little bit better

*much later*

see Neal and Susan and Shirley and Andrew
come home from an evening out
and administer first aid
to some of the house plants
see kitty
find another place to poop
besides Khardoman's box
see Susan and Shirley
trying to get the kitties
to get along
see Neal and Andrew
wondering aloud
how cats managed to reproduce
before they had human females
to fuss over them
see the humans go to sleep
see the cats continue
their domestic dispute
see kitty hide
between Susan and Neal
see Khardoman
breaking dancing
all over the room
trying to get at kitty
see the humans
up at 3 a.m.
dashing off to the grocery store
in a blizzard
to buy squirt guns
see the humans return to the house
lock and load
and give the kitties
something else to think about
besides chasing each other
see the sun come up
see Shirley take her squirt gun
to work
in case anyone asks
why shes so tired
see kitty
locked in the spare bedroom
see Khardoman
locked in Shirley and Andrew's bedroom
see the slightly frazzled humans
camping out in the living room
what an enjoyable vacation!

Note by the famous Cat Chronicles author and anti-vacation activist, Neal Rauhauser:

Playing extended host to eleven pounds of tornado thats been magically transformed into a cat is stressful enough, two of them together in one apartment would be a great premise for a B disaster movie shot from the kitties' perspective. I'm sure they were laughing at us the whole time they were attempting to turn Winter Park into a federal disaster area centered around our friend's home.

Most cats don't seem to like vegetables all that much, Khardoman goes _nuts_ over cucumber slices ... I put one on a piece of string and got more action out of her than I see out of Onyx (kitty's real name) when he's chasing ground squirrels >:-)

The name of the other cat in this story was actually Cardomon, after the spice--Andrew is a bona fide chef.

The best part of this particular vacation with Onyx actually began much earlier and alluded to in the first few lines--I don't remember if Neal ever wrote Kitty and the Highway Patrolman, if so it got lost. Stay tuned, then, tomorrow for that story!!

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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