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Living on "Cat-Time"

see kitty
see kitty
wake up
see kitty
see kitty
decide that 4:30 am
is time to get up
see susan
see susan
trying to sleep
see kitty
jump from the bed
to the bookshelf
to the desk
to the floor
back on the bed
and make the round again
and again
and again
see susan
still trying to sleep
see kitty
climb the plants
and eat them
see susan
still trying to sleep
see kitty
jump onto the dresser
and up on top of the TV
and talk
see kitty
step on the funny bumpy thing
on top of the TV
see it move
see the TV turn on
and off
and on
and off
and on
see susan
get up and grab kitty
and unplug the TV
and crawl back in bed
see kitty
curl up on the pillow
and purr
and cuddle
and decide that 6:45
is time to go back to sleep
and look very annoyed
at susan
who is climbing back out of bed
and making lots of noise
and keeping him awake
sleepy, sleepy susan

April 23, 1999

Onyx was pretty good about sleeping through the night, but there were several periods where his clock was a couple hours off. The worst one was when he was a kitten of about 4 to 6 months old. We were living in an apartment and I had two roommates, so he was shut in my room all night. I tried going to bed early, later, playing more when I got home, playing more before bed, but nothing worked. He would still get up and charge around at 4:30.

No matter what, though, during his entire life he would decide to snuggle and cuddle about 5 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off making it that much more difficult to want to get up and go to work.

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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