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Techno Kitty

see kitty
nibbling on the mouse cord
and disconnecting the monitor cable

see kitty
turn the keyboard lock key
to the lock position

see kitty
borrow the keyboard keys
from their usual spot
and transport them
to the missing screw graveyard
a place unknown to mortal man

see Neal
coming home with a new client
for a demonstration
see Neal turn the computer on
see the 'Keyboard Locked' message
see Neal look for the key
and instantly know
who the culprit is

hear the howls of frustration
see the computer consultant
foaming at the mouth
see the fearful client
making a dash for the door

*Much later*

see Neal
he's smiling again
and holding
kitty's medical record
its almost time for
another rabies vaccination
we LOVE taking kitty
to the vet


An aside--Onyx HATED the vet. He bit every one he ever had.

When we went for his first round of shots, it took 4 people (me included) to hold down a 4-month-old ball of fury that could almost sit in your hand. In fact, he was so small the vet thought he was only about 10 weeks old--I assured her that he had been living with me for nearly 2 months and that I knew when his birthday was. Two of us got bitten, one scratched. After it was all over, I asked if "they're all like that" and she smiled and started to nod reassuringly. Then honesty got the better of her and she said "no, he was the worst I've ever seen."

He stayed that way till the end. As sick as he was, he still managed to bite the radiologist doing the ultra-sound 3 weeks ago today.

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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