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Orphan Andy

When my daughter was 16 she brought home a tiny kitty. She was so little she fit in the palm of my hand. I think she was weaned a little too early because she used to hold her tail and suck it. Her name was Orphan Annie. Like one of your other story-tellers, we got a surprise when we took HER to the vet. HER turned out to be a HE and soon became ANDY.

When Andy was about 1 year old, he accidentally jumped through a screen and fell 3 stories and hit an air conditioning unit. When I came home from work and my daughter told me that it would cost $500 to fix Andy (he shattered his pelvis), I knew he had become one of my children when I started making payment arrangements with the vet (at the time, I was working 2 jobs to support my 3 children). The reason I wrote about this is to tell everyone that Andy ran, jumped, played and lived a wonderful long life and brought much happiness and love to his owner....me (when my daughter grew older and moved out, I could not part with Andy.

My funny story is: my husband and I would have very late night romantic dinners in front of the fireplace after the kids were in bed on Saturday nights. This one night we had a fire going and candlelight. We dozed off on the floor and was awakened by the smoke alarms going off in the hallway. The candle had caught the rug on fire. After all was under control, I saw little paw prints all over the bathtub. I said to my husband, "oh look, Andy tried to stamp out the fire and save us." My husband just cracked up laughing knowing that Andy had just played with the burnt table and got soot on his paws.

Andy gave us 18 wonderful years and died last year. He was my buddy. Well, it's now been 1 1/2 years since his death and I'm happy to say I just bought a kitty we named Ethan from Katsation. I'm sorry this is so long, but I would like to share a beautiful poem that my husband gave me when Andy died:

June 12, 1998

Carol, if you remember,
I never liked to see you sad
Carol, if you do remember,
you must remember
all of the fun times
that I have had.

Carol, if you remember,
remember the days and the years
when you rushed out to work
and I was leisurely selecting
my first sun sleeping spot
of my long, restful day
remember the days and the years
of you cuddling and spoiling me
so much more, so much more,
than I ever, ever deserved
remember the days and the years
of my elegant and sumptuous meals:
roasted chicken, ice cream, steaks,
all for me, all for just me
remember the days and the years
of your forgiving and unconditional love
that I was so lucky
to receive from you
remember the days and the years
of my blessed life with you
remember the days and the years
of other things in my life
that I was so lucky to receive:
like everyone's love,
like Tom's long rubs,
like Checker's embrace,
like play-fighting with Rob,
like Siobhan's warm love,
like the sound of the birds,
like the feel of a summer's breeze,
like the smell of the flowers,
like a warm, cozy fire,

on a long winter's night
like your special love,
so strong, pure, and forgiving
as only a Mother's can be

But, also remember the hard days and the
short years,
of the non-worthy, one Ratty-Cat
who died so young, who died so old,
without your protection, not so lucky,
like me

Remember, if God made a heaven
for lowly creatures like Man
He must have made a place just for me.

Carol, if you remember,
I never like to see you sad
Carol, if you remember,
you MUST only remember,
all of the fun times
that we had


Thanks for letting me share this
Submitted Thursday, August 19, 1999

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