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Forging the Hunter

see kitty
a tiny black ball of fluff
far smaller
than any 4-month old kitten
should be

see kitty
go to visit grandma
nice grandma
sick grandma!!!

see kitty
who always wants to be friendly
sneak into her room for a visit

what's that??????
sniff . . . sniff . . . sniff
ears flattening in anticipation
slowly stalking
eyes wide, pupils enlarged
sniff . . . sniff
nose wiggling in excitement
sniff . . . creep
slowly, slowly moving forward

see kitty
snatch the kleenex
from the basket
where it had recently
gripping it firmly between his teeth
(so it can't get away)
turn and run hellbent down the hallway
susan close behind
not sure where to hide
in this new maze of a house
but certain
that he doesn't want to give up
his new found find


In loving memory of Onyx, my best friend
September 2, 1989 to April 11, 1999

That visit to my Mom's was memorable. She had managed to catch the flu and, much to her chagrin, Onyx spent hours sneaking into her bedroom and stealing kleenex's (used of course) from her wastebasket and then running into my room with them. He would sneak around the corner, slide along the wall where he couldn't be seen, slither under the nightstand, and before anyone could catch him he'd grabbed another to add to his stash!!

She called him "that unruly cat." Even then, he was trying to be the great hunter like the panther he resembled.

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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