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Kitty Betrayed

see kitty
waiting patiently
for susan to come home from work
to get his hug for the day
see kitty
why susan is so late
see kitty
his ears perk
as he hears familiar footsteps in the hall
and leap into the entryway
as the door opens
and stop
and sniff
something is not quite right
see kitty
stretch slowly--both paws reaching in front
trying to investigate
without drawing attention
see kitty
reach up to susan for his hug anyway
see susan
see susan's jacket move
just a little
see kitty
tentatively speak
see susan bring her hands
out of her jacket
to show kitty
a little ball of tan, cream and black fluff
see kitty sniff at the fluff
see the fluff move
and a small head emerge
and cock to one side
see susan
walk to the living room
and set the kitten down
see kitty
watch the kitten
(who's paws are nearly as big as his own once were)
as it peeks under the table
and the couch
and explores the telephone
and the shelf
see kitty
let out one last hisssssss
before chasing the kitten under the plant stand
and try to keep it cornered
disgusted kitty

In memory of Onyx, my possessive one
September 2, 1989 to April 11, 1999

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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