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Our beautiful Himalayan cat, Sophia, was quite the sports enthusiast as a kitten. She loved to play fetch, especially with the little "pom-pom" yarn balls that you can buy in the pet aisle at the supermarket. She would either drop them at our feet, or call us loudly from the other room with the ball sitting neatly in front of her, when she was ready to play. Then she would have us toss the ball for her to retrieve again and again . . .

Unfortunately, her favorite time to play "fetch" was when my husband and I were preparing to go to bed. We often sent her chasing the ball down the hall in the dark, trying to exhaust her so that we could get some sleep. She didn't give up that easily, however. Often, when my husband was sleeping soundly and snoring loudly, she would cleverly drop her pom-pom right into his open mouth. I think she knew she had won the game after all!

Here is a poem that I have written in honor of our kitty:

Lady Sophia

The soul of an empress
Presides within my feline
An elegant enchanting creature
Behind beguiling eyes

Wearing a sumptuous coat of fur
Descendent of a pedigreed line
Her ears and toes are finest chocolate
Her blue gaze is pure sapphire

With a tail that drapes divinely
She holds court with a regal air
And issues this royal proclamation:
Her beauty is beyond compare

She moves with delicate grace
On footsteps never hastened
With a silken caress, she whispers
A summons to indulge her affections

Her eyes share a kindred understanding
As she lounges in splendid repose
With sunlight brushing through her hair
And a smokey purr deep in her throat

Submitted by Laura on Wednesday, July 21, 1999

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