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A Box Full of Bunnies

see susan
coming home from a weekend visit
see kitty
waiting happily at the door
he always hears
the footsteps in the hall
see kitty's ears perk
and his nose sniff
this way
and that
a new box!
see kitty wait patiently
for the box to be opened
so he can explore it
inside and out
and give it the official
kitty stamp of approval
see the box move
see kitty jump
see kitty's eyes
get big
and round
see him stalk around the box
trying to figure out
how to get it open
without susan seeing him
hear scratching
inside the box
see kitty frantic
to get it open
see susan
take the box to the bathroom
and set it in the tub
and close the sliding doors
see kitty
spend hours
sitting next to the tub
looking up
trying to decide
if he can make the jump
over the doors
and whether there's water
on the other side
maybe it's worth it anyway
and wondering why
susan is now hiding lunch
in the tub
instead of the cupboard
confused, contemplative kitty

April 25, 1999

One spring weekend while I was visiting Neal's parents farm, their dog got into a rabbits nest and killed the mama rabbit. There were four orphaned bunnies left. Their eyes were just opening and we didn't give them much chance, but I thought I'd try anyway. The bunnies lived in the bathroom for weeks. At first I tried bottle feeding them--real fun with the Great Black Hunter watching on. I guess he figured I was fattening them up for him so he allowed this to continue under extreme supervision. Anyway, the frequent feedings got really old really fast. So after about 3 days I tried them on formula in a dish--it took a few tries but they all started drinking. Needless to say we had several close calls but, much to Onyx's chagrin, they all made it and were released outdoors in a pet-free zone.

In memory of Onyx, my trusted friend
September 2, 1999 to April 11, 1999

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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