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Thomas Easter

Our cat (one of three), Thomas Easter, was a stray that adopted us. He is a "run-of-the-mill" orange tiger and quite lovable. My daughter traded a water gun for him from some neighborhood kids who claimed ownership by discovery and entrapment.

Tom Easter has one unique characteristic that sets him apart from our other cats. He does not ever meow. Instead, he "woes." This is call is always very plaintive in tone and accompanied by a sorrowful expression. In time, "woe" became a second name for this cat.

We could never figure out why Tom Easter "woed" instead of meowed. Then, one day my daughter got a toy that records voices and let's you warp them. She recorded Tom Easter saying his usual "woe" and then warped it by speeding it up. Low and behold! Tom Easter was actually meowing in slo-mo!

Most likely this is a part of all cats' repertoire of sounds, but it is the only one our Tom Easter uses.

Submitted by Donna on Wednesday, February 23, 2000


I foster cats for a local animal rescue group, and sometimes I take feral kittens in for socializing. One summer I had 12 orange feral kittens, born 1 month apart to orange sisters. 4 were 3 months old, the rest 2 months.

At first, I kept them all in a bathroom. I had 3 litter boxes in the bathtub, two under the sink, one behind the toilet. Water was kept on top of the toilet, and there was just enough space for a big bed for the kittens to snuggle in.

I went in to care for and work with the kittens several times a day. Each time, as I was leaving, I would count the kittens to make sure that all were still there. One afternoon, I counted only eleven! It seemed that Kapteyn (one of the older, shyer kittens) had gotten out somehow.

For the rest of that day we tore the house apart, looking for Kapteyn. No luck. We started looking again the next morning. Still no Kapteyn.

Finally, I went into the bathroom to feed the other kittens. I noticed that the door to the medicine cabinet had been slid open a fraction of an inch. I looked inside, and found Kapteyn! He was jammed up underneath the glass shelves, petrified with fear. He immediately jumped out and ricocheted around the room before settling down behind the toilet.

I think that I must have slid the door shut, without noticing that he was there! <8-P

I ended up adopting him 8-).

Submitted by reichert@mcst.gsfc.nasa.gov on Wednesday, March 01, 2000

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