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Jungle Kitty

I have just recently purchased my first computer. My kitty, Jeni, is two years old and has never lived anywhere else so she has never seen a computer before. I set my screensaver to jungle which makes a bunch of animal noises. When Jeni heard these noises she went running around the house like a wild cat. She couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from. She looked everywhere. She finally figured out that it was coming from the computer and she's been trying to bury it ever since.

Sheila & Jeni in Illinois on Monday, October 18, 1999

Head First

My sister's cat Fred, has a passion for Toilet water. one day, just a few weeks ago, Fred was going to wet her whistle. Unfortunately, the Toilet set was broken, and would swivel of one side if sat on wrong. Kitty will perch herself with all fours on one side of the seat. This day, she perched wrong. According to my sister, all she heard was a crash, splash, and yeowl. when going to investigate, sister found dear Fred, with a very wet face. Poor Fred had fallen in head first!

Andi on Sunday, January 02, 2000

King of the Floor Vents

One day while I was in my office on the computer, I heard an awful scraping, banging noise. Rushing out to see what had happened, I noticed the bathroom floor vent lying upside down in the hallway. Harley, my 15-pound fearless protector, was sitting next to it proudly, as if it were prey he had just vanquished. Somehow, he had managed to extract the floor vent from the tiled bathroom floor and drag it five feet away! Fortunately, he is too fat to fit into the hole he created in the bathroom. Otherwise I would have had to extract a howling, hissing mess from the air conditioning duct! He got a stern talking to, and from now on, he'll just have to be happy banging cabinet doors.

Meowzer on Saturday, January 22, 2000
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The Princess

My cat thinks she's princess of the house. She usually wants us to go right ahead no matter what we are doing to open the door for her. Well, it was the summer time so we opened the door's window. She would just jump right through the window. It was getting close to winter so we closed the window. My cat thought it was still open so she tried to jump through, but instead she hit her head!

Alyssa Violett on Thursday, February 17, 2000

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