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Krispy Kitty

It was a freak storm. It started early one mid-April morning as a mere rain storm. By noon the temperature had dropped to freezing and by 1:00 the branches of the trees were covered with ice. Still, it kept raining. By 3:00 the branches were 3 times as thick Still, it kept raining. By 7:00, power was out to most of the county. Still, it kept raining.

see susan
see susan fumble
in the dark
hunting for a candle
see kitty
try to help
thinking maybe the candles
are kept with his toys
see susan find a candle
and a match
and trip over 3 mice
and 15 feet of ribbons
that had been
retreived from the closet
earlier that day
and threaded throughout the apartment
see susan light the candle
and take it into
the bedroom
to read
see kitty
decide to help susan
read the book
see kitty try to turn the pages
and point out the words
that he doesn't know
see susan
get tired of twisting
and decide to call a friend instead
see kitty
inspect the candle
that is sitting on the headboard
see kitty cock his head
this way
and that
trying to figure out why it moves
see kitty sniff the candle
and back up
hear an icicle fall
from the edge of the roof
see kitty jump
and leap off his perch
towards the floor
using the most direct approach
OVER the candle
see susan
suddenly smell burnt fur
and yell to her friend
see susan throw the phone
jump out of bed
and grab kitty
all at the same time
see susan
inspect kitty
no fire
just singed fur
see kitty
and sniff
and sniff
and lick
see kitty
stick his tongue out
and paw at it
and glare
smelly, smelly kitty

The freak storm actually ended near morning the next day. By noon it was nearly 65 degrees and sunny. The ice storm had wreaked havoc though. Power was out to my apartment and my work for 48 hours and tremendous damage was done to trees and buildings throughout the state. It took nearly a month for all the branches to be cleared away.

Onyx survived this episode unscathed--he was only 7 months old. Although he didn't mind fireplaces, he only admired candles from afar for the rest of his life!!!

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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