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The Great Black Hunter

Part 2

see susan
open the sliding patio door
early one morning
see kitty
going out the door
then in
then out
one of those "cat" things
should i stay
or should i go
see susan
getting ready for work
see susan
stop and turn her head
see kitty
galloping from one bathroom door
to the other
then back
see kitty try to dive
under the counter
and over the towels
and under the clothes
and squeeze
behind the toilet
see susan
know somethings up
and look down
at a tiny shrew
running along the wall
and hiding in the corner
bad kitty!
see kitty
as susan tries
to catch the shrew
see kitty try to help
and get tossed into the living room
see susan finally corner
the terrified creature
and carry it out
towards the door
see kitty
waiting patiently
by his food dish
see kitty
talk loudly
when susan doesn't stop
and cry, horrified
when susan
goes outside
see kitty leap for the door
only to find glass
between him
and his lost breakfast

This is part two of the saga of The Great Black Hunter. We were living in Colorado at the time, on the edge of a National Forest.

Onyx thought he could bring the shrew in to play for a little while and that I wouldn't mind. It took some fancy footwork to catch the little guy and pick him up in a kleenex. He was unharmed, though, and as I was walking towards the door he bit me! He was so small his teeth didn't even scratch the skin.

I let it go as Onyx watched intently through the sliding glass door. It ran off into the grass but I'm fairly certain that Onyx caught it later on that day and, having learned his lesson, didn't try to bring it back inside. Mom didn't seem to share well.

In memory of Onyx, The Great Black Hunter
September 2, 1989 to April 11, 1999

Submitted by Susan Zeigler
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 Susan E. Zeigler
All Rights Reserved

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