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Letter 3


Remember me? I lived with you for the first few months of my life. My name is Sapphire Claeson. You may remember me as the torti point Himalayan kitten that had to be involved in everything you did. Well then those nice people came to see me, and the next day they took me to their home, where I've been ever since (aside from occasional visits to "Grandma and Grandpa's House" and "the vet" (I don't like "the vet"). I'm writing to tell you that I am doing wonderful, although occasionally I miss you and my old siblings from time to time. But these new people, whom I refer to as Mommy and Daddy, take really good care of me and love me an awful lot, they play with me all the time, buy me really neat toys, feed me this really yummy food.
My new sister, Sylvia, is a @#$?%! most of the time, but I can take her anytime I please. Just a slap on her nose and she leaves me alone for a little while. Sometimes she plays nice with me but we really aren't very close, yet. My mommy says that I just need to give her time to adjust. All in all, she is not hissing at me as much anymore. We can even be in the 20 same room without too much trouble. Well, this is all that I really have to tell you. I sleep, play, eat, play, and sleep. I'm really happy here so I don't want you to worry about me too much. I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me when I was first born. "the vet" says I am really healthy.
Thank you!
I hope you have a nice holiday. Give my love to all my old siblings.
Sapphire Claeson
Michele C. Claeson
Sapphire Writes again!


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Sue Dahlstrom
E-mail: sue @ katsation.com
Phone: 1-708-756-2074

Congratulations Aljona

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Katsation Himalayans New Photos - Free toys, food
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