A 5 Generation Pedigree of CH Katsation's Koquette

1-PARENTS   		2-GRANDPARENTS 3-     		4-	5-      		
								:CH Royal Row's Impulse of Sunval
                                              		:CH Sunval's Velvet Sneakers 3270-445405  V0289
                                              		: Choc. Point   :CH Sunval's Key Note
                                 	:CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation
                                 	: 3276-529082                	:CH Sunval's Shamrock
                                 	: Blue Point 	:Sunval's Glitter   3277-219513  V1085
                                 	: 12-01-88    	: Blue Point    :Sunval's Silhouette
                      	:Grand CH Karabel's Remember Me of Cumcme
                 	: 3276-653625                              	:Grand CH Thesaurus' Yosemite Sam of Honalee
                    	: Blue Point             	:Honalee Pistol Pete 3276-297335
                    	: 07-02-90          		: Blue Point   	:CH Cambay Kedgeree of Honalee
                                 	:CH Karabel's Misty Blue Maiden
                              		: 3277-559093                	:CH Dekatmandou's Marechal of Karabel
 SIRE		                       	: Blue Point  	:CH Karabel's Marvelous Maggie 3273-377976
                                           		: Seal Point    :CH Kinapak's Domino of Karabel

:CH Karabel's Kaptain Kaos of Katsation :3276-874189 :Natl GCH Khaszar's Tommy-B-Good : Blue Point :Grand CH Khaszar's Casual Affair 3296-316368 : 05-10-93 :Cream Point :Grand CH Khaszar's Sweet City Woman :Grand CH Karabel's Kool Kash : 3276-578473 :CH Dekatmandou's Marechal of Karabel : Blue Point :CH Careyata's Chelsea of Karabel 3273-468869 : Seal Point :CH Kittywood's Ciara of Careyata :Grand CH Karabel Unchained Melody : 3277-736125 :Honalee Pistol Pete : Blue Point :CH Karabel's Sambuca 3008-527129 : 08-06-91 : Black CPC :Karabel's Mini Malibu :Karabel's Missing Link : 3277-669902 :CH Gnim Blue Diamond of Karabel A CompuPed Pedigree of: : Blue Point :Karabel's Outrageous Gem 3277-573419 : Blue Point :CH Karabel's Outrageous Beginning

CH Katsation's Koquette :Thesaurus Hubba of Royal Row {F} 3272-962115 :CH Royal Row's Impulse of Sunval 0172-200479 V0985 Seal Point : Seal Point :Calhaven's Velvet of Royal Row 05-15-94 :CH Sunval's Velvet Sneakers :3270-445405 V0289 :CH Sunval's Shamrock : Chocolate Point:CH Sunval's Key Note 3273-322953 V0388 : 01-20-88 : Seal Point :Sunval's Mimic :CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation : 3276-529082 :CH Sunval's Sabeauko : Blue Point :CH Sunval's Shamrock 0176-113349 : 12-01-88 : Blue Point :CH Schkin's Blue Angel of Sunval :Sunval's Glitter : 3277-219513 V1085 :Sunval Hanky Panky DAM : Blue Point :Sunval's Silhouette 0195-050507 : 04-10-84 : Blue CPC :CH Cat Lore's Lacie of Sunval :Katsation's Klassykat : 3047-810791 :Grand CH Lullaby's Abracadabra of Midas,DM : Tortoiseshell CPC :Midas' Boobeau of Kountrylovin 108-287752 : 08-16-91 : Black :Mystichill's Sweet Cheeks of Midas :Grand CH Kountrylovin's Gummy Bear : 140-304468 :CH Bar-B's Grand Union of Mystichill : Red Tabby :CH Penhill's Treasure of Kountrylovin 115-259006 : Cream :CH Penhill's Applause :Kountrylovin's Kristine of Katsation : 111-561715 V0989 :Grand CH Mystichill's Miracle,DM : Red Persian :CH Bar-B's Grand Union of Kystichill 114-119455 : 02-14-88 : Cream :Grand CH Lullaby's Avanti of Bar-B,DM :CH Penhill's Treasure of Kountrylovin : 115-259006 :Grand CH Bar-B's The Wiz of Mystichill,DM : Cream :CH Penhill's Applause 147-012274 : Tortie :G and C's Kiss of Penhill


Sue Dahlstrom
E-mail: sue @ katsation.com
Phone: 1-708-756-2074

Congratulations Aljona

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Katsation Himalayans New Photos - Free toys, food
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