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Cat Breeders Links

These Links pages are being phased out in favor of The FelineWWW Sites List.
Antioch Cattery - Turkish Angoras
Aspen Kennels
Becks Cats - Specializes in Himalayans, Featuring Katsation's Wee Love Affair of Beck, A Tortie Point Himalayan From Katsation Cats
The Birman Home Page
Cactus RoseCactus Rose - Himalayan & Persians - Marianne L Damian. Featuring a Grandson of Natl. GRC Katsation's Bittersweet of Karabel, a son of GRC Sneak Preview of LeChatPaws.
CeltiCurl Cattery - The Beautiful American Curl
Cattery El ShamCattery El Sham - British Shorthair - The Netherlands - E-Mail El Sham
Coralsky - Persians and Himalayans
East Exotics Cattery - Located in Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
The Ewald Kitties
Gradach's Gentle GiantsGradach's Gentle Giants - Maine Coon & Ragdoll Cats - Located in Croydon Park in Sydney, Australia, Their pages are filled with wonderful kitty information !
Keba HimalayanKeba Himalayans - Specializes in Lynx Points and Tabbies.
Kimmy's Persian Page
Le Chat Paws CatteryLe Chat Paws Cattery
Features GRC Karabel's Sneak Preview out of
Natl GRC Katsation's Bittersweet of Karabel and
GRC Le Chat Paws Singing the Blues out of
CH Katsation's Sophia of Le Chat Paws
Le Club Fur CatteryLe Club Fur
Breeders of quality Himalayan Cats and Kittens
Linmar Persians - Bicolor, Particolor, Tabby, and Van - Located in Newton Massachusetts
Little Hearts Cattery - Featuring More Beautiful Persians and Himalayans
MystereMystere Cattery - from England, specializing in choc/lilac and tabby (lynx) in both point and solid.
of SchjetnE Catteryof SchjetnE Cattery - Located in Denmark, Features Solid, Dilute, Bicolor and Van Persians
a href="http://www.Purrinlot.com/">Purrinlot Home of Impressive Persians - This Web Site is a Wonderful Place to Explore, The Owner has created a Breeding Timetable, to keep track of litter due dates, and also a chart to show the date a kitten will be eligible to enter shows. As I was surfing their site once again, I found a wonderful page full of 1-800#'s for all kinds of kitty services. Thanks to Laura of Purrinlot !!
Rita's Birmans - Another Beautiful Website
Sardross Cattery - Breeders of British Shorthair
Sarit PersiansSarit's Persians
Steeplechase CatterySteeplechase Cattery
Wattkatz PersiansWattkatz Persians - Bi-Colors, Vans, Solids, Tabbies, and Paticolors
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