Egyptian Astro-Guide for a Happy Feline

Since the dawn of time, Egyptian astrologers have delved into the secrets of our mysterious furry friends. Long before Cleopatra reigned, Egyptians unlocked the hearts and minds of fabulous felines - allocating a gemstone to each zodiac sign. Check your cat's birthdate and learn what Egyptian astrology predicts for your special pet.

catseye Jet
(March 23 - April 22)

Your cat was born under the most powerful of all Siamese star signs.
The cat is likely to be fit, athletic, aggressive and could live to a ripe old age.
Be careful that you don't allow your
cat to become too overexcited by life.
As a safeguard take time to give your cat long, sensuous, loving massages.
If you do your cat will live a richer, healthier and more fulfilled life.
catseye Blue Topaz
(September 23 - October 22)

Your cat was born under the most flirtatious, feminine and saucy of Siamese star signs.
Your cat needs constant stroking, attention and the company of other cats.
Just make sure, however, that your cat remains the top cat, because they definitely don't like to share the limelight.
Make sure they have plenty of playmates and treat them like a star and this cat will bring you years of blissful happiness.
catseye Lapis Lazuli
(April 23 - May 22)

Your cat was born under the most luxury loving, sensuous of all Siamese star signs.
The cat is most likely to be attracted to beautiful colors, to flowers and to
bright decorations.
You might find, however, that in their own quiet way they are very jealous.
Even though the cat doesn't hiss or scratch out of jealousy, always remember to give them the love and attention they require. Then both of
you will live happily ever after
catseye Black Pearl
(October 23 - November 22)

Your cat was born under the most intuitive, magical and unique of all Siamese star signs.
They are feline, flirtatious and set on conquering everyone, animal or human, of the opposite sex.
Don't be surprised if this cat suddenly lunges at you in a fury if you pay too much attention to anyone else, because they are the most jealous of all cats.
But if you're kind and faithful to them, they will repay you hundred fold.
catseye Coral
(May 23 - June 22)

Your cat was born under the most beguiling complex and interesting of
all Siamese star signs
The cat is changeable, moody, but full of love and tenderness. But don't make the mistake of confining your cat to the same room for long or giving them the same toys to play with all of the time.
Give then as much stimulation as possible and you will find that they will spend the rest of their live grinning
back at you as happily as a Cheshire cat.
catseye Jade
(November 23 - December 22)

Your cat was born under the most wandering, restless and adventurous of all Siamese star signs.
They are liable to wander away from you for weeks at a time.
But don't be dismayed. Just as long as you allow this cat a maximum amount of freedom, they will always come home to you.
They are a brave, courageous cat and would protect you with their life.
catseye Moonstone
(June 23 - July 22)

Your cat was born under the most domestic, home-loving of all Siamese star signs.
Just as long as you dont take then on any extended trips, board then with strangers or let then out of site for too long, they will remain content.
The cat will be a faithful, good and
close companion to you.
Cuddle then as much as possible and
let them know that your home is their home.
catseye Agate
(December 23 - January 22)

Your cat was born under the most stable, mature and reliable of all Siamese star signs.
They like order, routine and a comfortable, fairly luxurious home.
If you avoid shocking them by too many moves or changes in their environment, they will remain relatively content.
This cat will never be flashy or fiery, but will always love you consistently.
catseye White Diamond
(July 23 - August 22)

Your cat was born under the most
regal of all Siamese star signs.
The cat is proud, determined and
willing to fight for every bit of territory they own.
Just make sure you always treat them with the highest respect and that you never forget that they are the most
noble of all animals.
If you give them their due, they will
fight for you and love more passionately than any other cat.
catseye Tourmaline
(January 23 - February 22)

Your cat was born under the most eccentric, original and futuristic of all Siamese star signs.
They are the kind of cat who will develop a mad passion for certain toys one minute, then discard them the next.
Be prepared for this cat to act like seven different cats all on the same day.
Give this cat variety, gentleness and stimulation and they will be yours for life.
catseye Rose Quartz
(August 23 - September 22)

Your cat was born under the most
pure, innocent and appealing of
Siamese star signs.
You will find the cat obsessive about cleaning themselves and their living quarters.
Don't get impatient with the cat constantly licking themselves because
to them, cleanliness equils security.
If you provide this cat a neat and
clean home, they will remain your
best friend for life.
catseye Malachite
(February 23 - March 22)

Your cat was born under the most romantic, glamorous, dreamy and most female of all Saimese star signs.
They are not the kind of cat to explore their surroundings or to want to play with other animals.
Instead, they would much rather opt for dreaming the day away in your arms or at your feet.
This cat is mystical and mysterious and will make the most gentle of all pets.

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