Hello, my name is Cheryl Robbins, I'm a stay at home mom with an awesome 5 year old, Justin, a devoted husband, Robbie, 19 Cats, an iguana and fish. (I think I got it all). I met Judy several months ago and we have decided that since she LOVES html and I LOVE graphics that we make a pretty good team. If you are interested in joining our pages please contact me.

About Katsation:
Together we are working to build Katsation from the graphics up, to bring you the biggest and best set of cattery pages on the world wide web.


1997-Present - Graphics artist for
Katsation, Jew-El and The Silk Pyramid. Not to forget my personal pages.

1995-Present - Volunteer Foster Mom for the
Bay County Humane Society, caring for Feline Mothers and Kittens.

1991-Present - Home Maker...
1989-1992 - Assistant/Manager Hancock Fabrics.
1987-1992 - Owner, Robbins Mobile Pet Care, operated a mobile self contained pet grooming unit, until having to quit due to pregnancy.

Amature Photographer: Have won honors in local competition with special affects photography and was published in a few local news papers.

Skills Utilized - Responsibility, Punctuality, Organizational, Communication, Practicality, Resourcefulness, Dedication, Patience, Follow-Through, Leadership, Confidence and an eye for beauty. (not necessarily in that order)

Before leaving our site, please take a look at the missing children , if you have a web site maybe you could help.

Thank you for your interest in
Chimera (


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