A 4 Generation Pedigree of Grand CH Karabel's Remember Me of Cumcme
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     										:Thesaurus Hubba of Royal Row
								:CH Royal Row's Impulse of Sunval
										:Calhaven's Velvet of Royal Row
                                    		:CH Sunval's Velvet Sneakers 3270-445405  V0289
						: Choc. Point			:CH Sunval's Shamrock
                                              			:CH Sunval's Key Note
										:CH Sunval's Mimic
                  		:CH Sunval's Keepsake of Katsation
				: 3276-529082 					:CH Sunval's Sabeako
                        	: Blue Point               	:CH Sunval's Shamrock
				: 12-01-88					:CH Schkin's Blue Angel of Sunval
                                 		:Sunval's Glitter   3277-219513  V1085
						: Blue Point 			:Sunval Hanky Panky
                                 	    	   		:Sunval's Silhouette
										:CH Cat Lore's Lacie of Sunval

:Grand CH Karabel's Remember Me of Cumcme : 3276-653625 :CH Thesaurus' Keep the Beat : Blue Point :Grand CH Thesaurus' Yosemite Sam of Honalee : 07-02-90 :CH Thesaurus Madame Buttery :Honalee Pistol Pete 3276-297335 : Blue Point :CH Madame Nu's Smart Cookie :CH Cambay Kedgeree of Honalee :CH Karabel's Misty Blue Maiden :CH Madame Nu's Lancelot : 3277-559093 :CH Dekatmandou's Marechal of Karabel : Blue Point :CH T.Renn's Touch Up :CH Karabel's Marvelous Maggie 3273-377976 : Seal Point :Kinapak's E.T. :CH Kinapak's Domino of Karabel :Kinapak's Candida

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