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Themed Candy

Cotton CandyCotton Candy
Step right up and get your Cotton Candy! Nothing says carnival or circus more than the smell of cotton candy. Each package includes 3 assorted colors (pink, blue, and yellow) of cotton candy to enjoy right out of the bag.

Crayon CandyCrayon Candy
With our Crayon Candy, kids can enjoy fruit-shaped candies and then write about how they're so yummy! Each crayon scribbler is filled with fruity candy and really writes in it's matching color (yellow, blue, orange, or red). Ages 3 and up. Crayon candy is sold individually.

Crystal Rock Candy PopsCrystal Rock Candy Pops
Surprise your party guests with a magical sugary treat! Sold individually, our crystal rock candy pops come in a variety of fruit flavors and colors. Pass them out as favors or use them to create a sweet centerpiece.

Dinosaur Gummy CandyDinosaur Gummy Candy
Dino-sized bellies will grumble for our dinosaur gummy candy. Sold individually, each large gummy comes in a variety of dinosaur shapes (t-rex, triceratops, pterodactyl, and brontosaurus) and colors. It's big enough to satisfy even the hungriest dinosaur! Rawr!

Flamingo Swirl LollipopFlamingo Swirl Lollipop
Package of 12 swirled flamingo-shaped fruity flavored lollipops.

Frog LollipopFrog Lollipop
Get your guests hopped up with these adorable frosted frog shaped lollipops. Each package contains 12 silly bug-eyed frog lollipops in 6 assorted colors and designs.

Frozen Treat LollipopFrozen Treat Lollipop
That's not a frozen pop, it's a lollipop! Sold in packages of 12, our frozen treat lollipops come in grape and lime flavors. Each large lollipop is individually wrapped and served on a stick, just like the real thing. Fool your party guests with our tasty treat pop!

Fun Dip CandyFun Dip Candy
Kids from all generations love our fun dip classic candy! To enjoy this yummy treat just lick and dip the candy stick into fruity candy powder. Sold individually in one of two assorted fruity flavors (cherry and raspberry apple).

Garden Bugs LollipopsGarden Bugs Lollipops
It's okay for the kids to bug you for one of these lollipops! Sold in packages of 12, our sweet bug lollipops come in a variety of shapes and colors including blueberry butterflies, lemon bees, green apple caterpillars and cherry ladybugs. Add these to your garden, bumble bee or bug party favor bags!

Gold Nugget GumGold Nugget Gum
Kids will enjoy satisfying their sweet tooth while discovering treasure with our gold nugget gum! This yummy candy coated gum comes packaged in a drawstring burlap bag.

K9 CandyK9 Candy
Arf! Arf! It's chow time! Your pretend puppies will roll over and beg for our K9 Candy. Sold individually, each plastic dog bowl is filled with about 75 pieces of mini dog bone shaped SweeTarts candy. Dog bowls come in purple, red, blue, green, orange or yellow. Get your paws on some for your child's puppy or animal party!

Large Swirl LollipopsLarge Swirl Lollipops
No child can resist the magic of a swirl pop! Sold individually, our large fruit-flavored swirl pops are 3-inches round on a 6-inch plastic stick . Pass this candy out to your party guests and watch their faces light up with smiles!

Luau Gummy Fruit KabobLuau Gummy Fruit Kabob
Serve fruity gummy kabobs at your luau party with our sweet fruity gummy candy. Our fun kabob style candy features 6 assorted fruit gummy candies all decorated with yummy frosting on a "skewer" like stick. Perfect as a candy decoration and a delicious addition to a tiki party favor each package contains 12 luau fruit kabobs.

Mini Gumball DispenserMini Gumball Dispenser
Kids will go crazy for our mini gumball dispensers. Each mini gumball machine comes pre-filled with gumballs along with 1 refill package and a backpack clip. Sold indiviually, each gumball dispenser is available in either green, yellow, pink or blue. No quarters needed; just push the button and a gumball comes out!

Monkey LollipopMonkey Lollipop
Our monkey lollipops will get devoured faster than you can say "lickity-split!" Frosted monkey lollipops are sold in packages of 12 and come in strawberry, blueberry, orange, and grape flavors. These make a delicious addition to your animal, jungle, or Curious George party favor box.

Monster LollipopMonster Lollipop
Don't be scared! Our silly monster lollipops are super sweet and flavorful. Monster lollipops come in six different flavors and colors (yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, and purple) and feature one and two-eyed monster faces. What a delicious and fun way to fill up favor boxes and goodie bags!

Pirate Gold Nugget GumPirate Gold Nugget Gum
Your mateys will discover a treasure trove of gold nuggets inside our pirate gold nugget gum. Sold individually, each 2 ounce drawstring pouch is filled with yellow gum pellets and features a skull and crossbones on the bag. Pirates who don't share may have to walk the plank!

Pixy StixPixy Stix
Pixy Stixs were first created in 1952 in St. Louis Missouri as a drink mix. Nowadays, they are served in tubes that look like straws and make great party favors! Sold in packages of 3, Pixy Stix candy are sold in an assortment of flavors. Go ahead, give your party guests something sweet!

Robot LollipopRobot Lollipop
These robots taste delicious and look adorable! Sold in packages of 12, our individually wrapped robot shaped lollipops come in 3 different shapes and are fruit-flavored. This tasty candy will add personality to your robot party favor bags!

Space Ice CreamSpace Ice Cream
Once your child's space party has blasted into orbit, pass out our space ice cream as an out-of-this-world treat! Sold individually in Neapolitan flavors, each freeze dried package of official space food is ready to eat right out of the bag; no refrigeration is required. Kids will feel just like real astronauts with this popular space party favor!

Star Swirl LollipopStar Swirl Lollipop
Our star swirl pop candy is as enchanting as your party guests! Sold in packages of 12, our star-shaped lollipops come in assorted fruit flavors. Princesses, fairies and rock stars can enjoy star lollipops while ruling a kingdom, casting a spell or writing lyrics!

Strawberry Shortcake Candy BraceletStrawberry Shortcake Candy Bracelet
How charming! Each package of Strawberry Shortcake candy bracelets contains 3 edible candy charm bracelets on an elastic band.

Superhero Gummy CandySuperhero Gummy Candy
Send your guests up-up-and-away with fun-shaped candy! Each package of superhero shaped gummies includes 4 medium-sized cherry, lime, orange or blue raspberry candies. Add these to your goodie bags to make them a little more heroic!

Swirl LollipopSwirl Lollipop
Package of 12 swirled fruit flavored lollipops. Assorted colors.

A fun fact about Twizzlers is that after the first moon landing in 1969, Neil Armstrong's second comment was "I could go for some Twizzlers right now." Apparently, Buzz Aldrin may have eaten them all while in orbit! It just goes to show you that some people would fly to the moon to get a taste of this classic candy. Another useful fact is that our strawberry Twizzlers are wrapped and sold individually. However, you won't have to go to the moon to get a taste of this popular candy.

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