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Inflatable 3 In-A-Row GameInflatable 3 In-A-Row Game
Our inflatable 3 in-a-row game is perfect for both outdoor and indoor fun! Game includes 1 inflatable board and 6 balls. Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable Cake GameInflatable Cake Game
Our inflatable cake ring toss game includes 4 colorful rings. It's a fun activity for any party! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable CutlassInflatable Cutlass
A pirate's life is not complete without some swashbuckling treats! Sold individually, our inflatable cutlass is a perfect addition to any pirate costume and makes a fun party favor. Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable DinosaurInflatable Dinosaur
Give your child's dinosaur party some prehistoric flair with our inflatable dinosaurs! Sold individually, these large dinosaurs are realistic looking and come in one of six assorted styles (Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurs Rex, Pterodactyl, Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus). They also make fun photo props so be sure to take a photo of each guest standing next to one of these dinosaurs! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable Flame GuitarInflatable Flame Guitar
Welcome your party guests to the rock 'n roll jungle for fun and games with this smoking hot favor. Sold individually, our inflatable flame guitars are a rock solid way to crank up the heat at your child's music or rock star party. Give me a beat!

Inflatable Flip FlopInflatable Flip Flop
Decorate your Hawaiian themed party with oversized sandals! Sold individually, each inflatable flip flop features an array of hibiscus flowers and comes in either pink, orange, teal or purple. You can never have too many shoes! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable GuitarInflatable Guitar
Rock 'n roll is here to stay with favors that will save the day! Sold individually, our inflatable guitars are available in pink, red, blue or green. Coordinate our inflatable guitars with your rock star or dance party and watch your guests form a band! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable HammerInflatable Hammer
These soft inflatable hammers won't stop bopping until the construction party's not hopping. Packaged in 3 assorted bright colors, these soft toy hammers make it easy to build the perfect party favor. Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable MicrophoneInflatable Microphone
Stop singing into your hairbrushes, girls. Use our colorful faux microphones! Sold individually, our inflatable microphones come in an assortment of bright colors. Turn on the music and inflate the fun with this popular music party favor. Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable Palm TreeInflatable Palm Tree
A relaxing tropical atmosphere is only minutes away! Sold individually, our inflatable palm trees are 35 inches high and make perfect decorations for Hawaiian themed parties. There's no need to pack a suitcase to visit an island of fun!

Inflatable Punching BagInflatable Punching Bag
Get revved up and ready to party with our inflatable punching bag. Children can safely bop with each other back and forth or test their strength with our blue punching bags. Each 5-foot tall punching bag features the words "knock out."

Inflatable ShuttleInflatable Shuttle
Launch your next party into orbit with this spaced-out decoration! Sold individually, our inflatable shuttles are perfect additions to your child's space party. Use them as centerpieces or toss them around the room! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable Starfish Ring Toss GameInflatable Starfish Ring Toss Game
Kid's will enjoy playing our starfish ring toss game which includes 5 rings, 5 posts, and an inflatable starfish.

Inflatable Tire Obstacle CourseInflatable Tire Obstacle Course
Test your agility! Inflate these vinyl tires for an obstacle course challenge or as party area decorations. These inflatable tires also make a great relay race as players race against each other to roll their tires to the finish line! To make this game more of a challenge, try using any body part BUT your hands! Ages 3 and up.

Inflatable T-RexInflatable T-Rex
Rawrrrr!! Oh, sorry. I'm sure our inflatable T-Rex didn't mean to scare you. That's just how he says hello! In fact, this bright red dinosaur loves to party and have his photo taken with party guests! Although he doesn't really roar, each T-Rex inflates to 4-feet high and has sharp-looking teeth, razor-like claws, and a big swishy tail to surprise dinosaur fans of all ages! Sold individually.

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