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For the First Time a Nutritional Solution For Dogs and Cats with Liver Disease

Key Nutritional Factors for liver disease

(NAPSI)-Liver disease is the 5th leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs, and the 9th leading cause of non-accidental death in cats. Yet it continues to be challenging to diagnose and treat. Hill's Pet Nutrition, makers of Prescription Diet® n/dª, the first therapeutic pet food for canine cancer patients, however, continues to take the lead in its innovation in clinical nutrition by developing the first and only nutritional therapy for pets with liver disease. Hill's® Prescription Diet® l/dª is a groundbreaking innovation in the battle against canine and feline liver disease.

"For veterinarians, management and treatment of liver disease can be a challenge," said Claudia Kirk, DVM, Ph.D. and Veterinary Clinical Nutritionist for Hill's. "Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of treatment for patients with this type of disease. Hill's Pet Nutrition is revolutionizing the way veterinarians manage liver patients. New Prescription Diet® l/dª is designed to help manage liver disease and slow ongoing liver damage."

The new foods are formulated for the nutritional management of a wide variety of liver diseases that affect dogs and cats. "A pet with virtually any type of liver problem, from mild inflammatory disorders to those with life-threatening diseases, will benefit from this revolutionary diet," said Dr. Kirk.

Clinical signs

Vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, weight loss, increased thirst, changes in urine color, yellow coloring in the eyes, skin and gums, and depression are a few of the clinical signs indicating liver disease.

Importance of Nutrition

We often hear about liver transplants in humans, but this is not a viable alternative for pets, making management of liver disease a challenge. Providing optimal nutrition is crucial in treating liver disease patients. "The primary goal for dietary management is to provide a proper balance of nutrients for healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. Other important objectives include correcting and preventing malnutrition, reducing the liver's workload and minimizing chemicals that are toxic to the liver," said Dr. Kirk. New Prescription Diet® Canine l/dª and Prescription Diet® Feline l/dª were formulated with these goals in mind.

Nutritional Benefits

Prescription Diet® Canine l/dª and Prescription Diet® Feline l/dª provide all the key nutritional elements for managing liver disease. Liver workload is reduced by providing highly digestible proteins and eliminating non-protein nitrogen. These therapeutic foods contain increased levels of arginine and zinc which have a positive effect on liver function. Lowered copper and iron and increased levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids reduce ongoing liver damage. Serious side effects of liver disease affecting the brain are reduced by decreasing substances that lead to toxin formation, and increasing soluble fiber and highly digestible carbohydrates. Liver repair, regeneration and fat metabolism are enhanced because the diet is energy dense and rich in high-quality fat, carbohydrates and carnitine.

High Palatability

Besides providing all important nutritional factors, the pet food is formulated to be highly palatable to encourage adequate food intake. "The high palatability of Hill's® Prescription Diet® l/dª ensures that the pet will receive the optimum nutrition required to meet the nutritional needs imposed by liver disease," said Dr. Kirk.

A team of veterinary clinical nutritionists, veterinary gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and food scientists helped develop these ground-breaking products. "Prescription Diet® Canine l/dª and Prescription Diet® Feline l/dª will help veterinarians treat liver disease in dogs and cats with greater success, improving their patients' longevity and quality of life," said Dr. Kirk.

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. manufactures Science Diet® brand pet foods, sold through veterinarians and finer pet food stores, and Prescription Diet® brand foods, therapeutic foods available only through veterinarians.



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